What are the best PS4 Horror Videos Games for 2018?

Horror games are not for everyone. But there is a growing number of people who enjoy getting spooked when playing a video game. If you own a PS4, the number of Horror Videos Games is huge and it may take a while to figure out which games are worth your money.

 We played a few dozen horror games and came up with a list of the best horror games for PS4 owners. Try it out and tell us what you think.

If you want to step up your spooky experience, use a VR headset. It is guaranteed to give you a few goosebumps and at least a scream or two.

The Last of Us: Remastered: The first game our list is an all-time favourite and recipient of hundreds of Game of The Year awards. The 2013 version comes in 1080p resolution, optional commentary, excellent graphics and also contains all the DLC updates released over the last few years. It is a survival game set in the post-apocalyptic United States. Lots of action, gun fights and superb sound effects. This will feel more like a movie than a game.

Dead by Daylight: This is a perfect game if you like multiplayer horror games. Four players can team up to play against one savage killer who is out to kill everyone around him. The killer is in first player mode while the survivors will be in third person mode and have better situational awareness. Your task is to get away from the killer’s clutches while you rescue friends and repair the home that is under attack.

Prey: If you like first-person shooter games and have a VR headset, you must try Prey. The game combines horror and action beautifully to give you a thrilling experience. You can customise it to either a human or an alien form and use multiple role-playing elements. Your job is to secure objects of strategic value and destroy whoever comes in your way either by stealth manoeuvres or by direct attack. Enemies can disguise themselves as inanimate objects like a pen or a coffee mug. So be aware.

Until Dawn: Until Dawn cunningly uses the butterfly effect, where one simple action today causes a massive reaction a week from now. You have the power on how the story shapes from among hundreds of different possibilities. If you like nerve-wracking games, you will love Until Dawn.

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